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Creating personal nutrition plans for clients is time-consuming and most of all extremely challenging. We help busy practitioners provide highly personalized nutrition plans for their clients at the click of a mouse.

What does this means for you? It not only makes things simpler and saves you valuable time, but it also helps you get better and measurable results with your clients.

As Europe's leading holistic weight management program, Metabolic Balance brings the ancient wisdom proclaimed by Hippocrates (460 tp 377 B.C.) "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food",  into your modern practice.

In the development of the nutrition plan Metabolic Balance considers your client's lab values, medical history, current health problems, medications and overall lifestyle, including their food aversions and allergies.

Are you open to giving yourself a competitive edge by integrating a proven and tested nutrition program into your pratice?

Advantages for you

  • Expand your clinic tools for excellent client results and a time saving system that creates the meal plan for your clients.
  • Enhances the uniqueness of your clinic
  • Low investment costs and fast return on investment
  • Simple integration of the program in an existing practice or solid basis for a business start-up
  • Method established on the market for over 15 years
  • Regularly advanced trainings
  • Professional support by the Metabolic Balance Team in Hong Kong and the Scientific Advisory Board
  • Ensures word of mouth referrals from satisified clients.
  • Personal benefits from following your own Metabolic Balance plan.
  • As a scientifically validated and food only program, provides an excellent opportunity for collaboration with local medical centres and medical practitioners.

Advantages for your clients

  • Completely focused on the individual health of your clients to increase their quality of life.
  • Based on a detailed analysis of your client's current situation.
  • Use of exclusively natural foods and avoidance of additional products and food supplements in the nutrition plan.
  • Provides excellent results for long term weight management.
  • Individualised custom made nutrition plan.
  • Clients gain genuine knowledge for which foods are right for them and how to eat right foods for ongoing vitality and well being.
  • Access to the Metabolic Balance APP to support your clients in their health journey

During this comprehensive training you will learn everything that qualifies a good coach.

Practical and suitable for everyday use, you will acquire the necessary background knowledge to support people through counselling and training to find their way back to a healthy and natural diet.

Participation requirements

This  varies from country to country and from local legislation. Please contact us if you would like more information about becoming a Metabolic Balance coach.

The training to 'Nutritionist according to Metabolic Balance' is an independent training. It is not linked to the recommendation or sale of certain products or methods.

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The Metabolic Balance program is a personalised nutrition system that devises a food list from an individual’s blood results, current medication, body measurements and food preferences.

Devising personalised meal plans and food lists is a genuinely complex and time-consuming task for practitioners. By introducing Metabolic Balance to your practice you have access to a scientifically validated method trusted by doctors and practitioners around the world to help resolve and improve the well-being of your clients. You are able to easily and quickly provide your clients with an individualised and effective food only program so they get excellent results.

Metabolic Balance was devised by Dr. Wolf Funfack and Sylvia Bürkle following over 20 years of research in Germany. The Metabolic Balance software program is based on the German national food database which is then tailored to each individual country.

The principles of Metabolic Balance were developed based on the findings of medical research studies, personal research, and Dr Funfack’s clinical experience. This complex program gets continually refined and adjusted to reflect current developments in nutritional science.

Today Metabolic Balance is widespread. It is available in over 30 countries around the world. That individuality covers the nutrition plans, the personal supervision, and the joy the participants experience when the success of Metabolic Balance begins to work for them.

There are numerous books (in English and German) outlining the program and a 2010 research paper.

  • Metabolic Balance – Nutrition basics: Introduction to the success program by Dr.med Wolf Funfack available on Amazon
  • Metabolic Balance: Your Personalized Nutrition Roadmap by Dr.med Wolf Funfack available on Amazon
  • Meffert C, Gerdes N (2010) Program adherence and effectiveness of a commercial nutrition program: the metabolic balance study. J Nutr Metab. 2010;2010:197656. doi: 10.1155/2010/197656. Epub 2010 Dec 21. Pubmed.

Metabolic Balance is a strictly practitioner only program in Canada

All practitioners must have a minimum of an advanced diploma or preferably a degree in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine or Medicine. Other medical and natural therapy qualifications may be considered as appropriate and would be assessed on an individual basis.

All practitioners must have appropriate association membership and indemnity insurance.

As a Metabolic Balance practitioner, you have access to the online portal to generate the personalised menu plan and food list for your clients.

There is no software needed to be installed, managed or backed-up on your laptop. You simply need access to the internet.

Metabolic Balance is exclusively available from a certified practitioner. It includes the personalised food plan and 5 coaching consultations as a minimum - depending on the weight goal of the client. This support period can be extended as needed.

Metabolic Balance has a worldwide reputation that means clients regularly seek out and contact their nearest Coach to access the program.

It is a completely whole food program with no processed foods or supplements included. Clients receive a detailed list of their ideal protein sources, vegetables, and fruit. If a food is listed on their plan they can eat it, if it is not listed they can’t.

It is very easy for a client to follow given the right motivation and support. Clients must be willing to eat whole foods only (fresh vegetables, fruit, good sources of protein, healthy fats and starches) with no gimmicks or meal replacement products.

It requires commitment but once on the program, clients report that it's easy to follow. The quick results also ensure ongoing commitment.

There are no products/supplements associated with Metabolic Balance at all. It’s simply a highly personalised food list and menu plan.

Results for clients are dependent on adherence to the program and effective coaching and guidance from their personal Metabolic Balance Coach. Naturally there are no guarantees however individuals typically experience changes in their vitality, weight and well-being within the first week of commencing the program.

The program simply allows the body to get into balance and release weight naturally for long term results.

There is no expensive equipment or set up costs beyond a good set of scales, a stadiometer (height measure), a tape measure, access to the internet and a printer to print off your client’s plans.

Metabolic Balance may be offered to clients in personalised one-on-one sessions, online or in a group setting by a certified Coach.

As a Metabolic Balance practitioner in Canada, you have ongoing support to ensure you are completely confident in offering Metabolic Balance in your practice.

Further support is provided by access to ready-to-use marketing material including pull-up banners, posters, client leaflets and powerpoint presentations to educate and attract new clients.

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Training for all practitioners in Hong Kong is arranged and coordinated by head practitioner Jane Durst Pulkys.

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