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Everyone of us is unique & individual in our own body's requirements. No one plan will work for everyone. Your personalized nutrition plan is based on your unique blood chemistry.

What does metabolism mean? In simple terms, it's the foundation of life!

Metabolism is the foundation for all vital body processes. Every second, our organism undergoes biochemical processes of build-up, degradation and transformation by “metabolising” nutrients supplied to our cells. Only in this way can all your vital bodily functions take place.

Elementary processes that are dependent on a functioning metabolism:

  • all growth processes
  • oxygen supply to all organs
  • detoxification processes performed by the liver
  • carbon metabolism, protein metabolism, fat metabolism and mineral metabolism
  • all repair processes

What influence does your metabolism have on your overall well being?

A balanced metabolism is a strong foundation for health and vitality. Metabolic disorders lead to overweight and illnesses such as diabetes. A change in diet, however, brings your metabolism back to its original healthy starting position:  This has a regulating effect on your weight and a positive influence on metabolic diseases.

A metabolism in balance will

  • improve and maintain your health
  • improve your sleep and increase vitality and performance
  • increase your resilience in private and professional life
  • balance your acidity-alkaline ratio
  • achieve and maintain your desired weight
  • give you new energy and a vital charisma
  • increase your overall quality of life

Would you like to learn more about balancing your metabolism and the positive effects it can have on your health?

The highest level of individualization

... with your personal coach

Changing your diet and lifestyle doesn't happen overnight – It’s a process that has its challenges.

That’s why we won't leave you alone... we give you professional, personal and tailor-made support. Experienced doctors, pharmacists, alternative practitioners, nutritionists and therapists trained in our method will help you along the way.

In this way, the plan and the simultaneous care give you support, security and real prospects of success to help you achieve your personal goals in terms of metabolism, weight and health.


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As individual and unique as you are ...

... is the Metabolic Balance nutrition plan, because it’s based on your personal blood values. New! The plan is also available as an App that you can use at anytime and anywhere. Even when you’re on the go, shopping or traveling you have access to many great tips & recipes at your fingertip.

4-phase nutrition concept

Following your personal consultation and the analysis of the 36 laboratory blood values, you will receive your individual nutrition plan. The Metabolic Balance program is divided into 4 phases that build on and complement each other. It is the sum of all its parts that makes the whole program so successful.

The first phase is kwon as the cleansing or preparation phase and lasts two days. Your organism will now be attuned to the new diet. In this cleasing phase, you will only eat light food, such as vegetables, fruit, rice or potatoes. The additional intestinal cleansing supports the whole process. When the stomach and intestines have been emptied, the body switches to food that comes from the inside, namely from the fat reserves (keto metabolism). You will not experience any cravings. As early as phase 1, you should drink plenty of water to ensure sufficient hydration.
The body needs time to detoxify (eliminate the poisons) and to change its metabolism in order to regain a healthy balance – so the second phase should last at least 14 days. We call this detox “conversion phase”. Your diet contains lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. The alkaline minerals bind acids and can therefore be eliminate. A healthy diet with the foods that are beneficial to you supports detoxification virtually by itself. However, it’s very important that you comply with the Metabolic Balance rules as much as possible during this ‘strict’ 2nd phase. Some self-discipline will be rewarding and you will definitely already feel better during these first few days! You can also extend the DETOX phase if you feel like it – this is even better for your entire metabolism.
It will get easier now in Phase 3, as you may try foods that are not on your list. This means you can test which foods you can eat again without experiencing any bloatedness, heartburn, itching or headaches. The highlight of phase 3? The ‘gourmet days’, when you can forget almost all the Metabolic Balance rules and eat whatever you like.
You made it! Your metabolism has changed, and you can ‘feel’ your reduced weight and not only see it on your scales. You’re feeling great, sleeping better and your vital appearance gives you new self-confidence. Keep it up! In the last few weeks, you have learned which foods are ideal for you, so now you can integrate this knowledge into your future lifestyle. Continue to choose your food consciously, avoid a diet that’s not beneficial to you or might even cause discomfort. That’s what life now feels for you – light and easy! However, if your metabolism should become imbalanced again ... you have a plan!
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